Monday, November 21, 2011


I feel kind of disgusting. I must be coming down with something, I don't understand all these people that come to school sick and feel the need to infect the rest of the population with their pathogens. A girl in my first period came to school with mono (which you can contract from the air believe it or not, at least that's what my Allied Health teacher said, but she is in the first stages of dementia, so who knows). One of the people I hang out with most went home half way through the day because she was sick. The kid in front of me in Pre-calculus was sniffling and my sister has been sick for like 3 weeks anyway so I was doomed to that malady taking hold of my throat cells.

And now as I sit here I have to continually get up, because everyone in the world decided to call my house today. For some reason I decided to plop myself on the floor so you can imagine my grief. I can't quite grasp the concept of homework just yet because my head feels like a blimp and I'm pretty sure my brain has been taken over by foreign one celled organisms that intend to ruin my Thanksgiving break.

I am fairly certain I can beat the answering machine this time, but that would mean I have to get up now..... Yeah, that's not happening.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Tell Whether You Have a Life or Not

First of all, you automatically have an amazing one if you are reading this blog... but here are some other ways to tell:
- You have friends that go to a different school and/or church.
- You don't mind when your computer is dysfunctional (until you realize you can't come read my blog... then you can explode into hysterics).  
- You go to bed after at least 9:30 because you're up "late" doing incredibly awesome things.
- You don't need a cell phone to survive.
- It doesn't absolutely kill you to wake up in the morning.
- You have plans (not school/church related) this weekend and the weekend after with 2 different groups of people . 
- You eat dinner at least once a week somewhere other than in front of your television.
- You have a job/you're a really good person and volunteer your time.
- You can read.
- You moan when someone gives you chores, because you were doing incredibly awesome things.
- Your eyes can handle looking at a computer for long periods of time.
- You don't play minecraft.
- You don't fill other people's home page with thousands of Farmville notifications.