Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why I Worry About Myself

Sometimes I do really weird things that make me worried about myself. Like here are a few things that happened recently...

I had a dream that I went for a run.... and that wasn't the worst part, there were severed heads all over the place. I just ran around them and stuff.

Walking into the grocery store the other day, an elderly lady popped her trunk with her fab from across the parking lot and I was standing close to her car and I thought... "What if I just hopped in her trunk and shut it..." who thinks things like that?

The other day I uttered the words "You is ashy."

I have absolutely no body temperature regulation. I sweat with a jacket on and freeze with it off. Like get it together hypothalamus.

I refer to explicit parts of my brain.

I have been craving vegetables.

I still don't really have any friends at school, like I have people I sort of talk to in class but I don't have any FRIEND friends.

I drank a mocha two days in a row... that probably means bad things right? I don't know.

I am always tired.

I kinda of eat pizza like everyday at school. That might contribute to the vegetable cravings.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

College (Hello I'm Back)

Get it? It's like one of those song titles where the artist couldn't decide on one name so they gave it two and just put one in parentheses.

So, my entire high school career I could absolutely not wait for college. I was convinced it was going to be the best time of my life. I had all these ideas about what it would be like.... some of which are accurate.There were a few things however I was not prepared for...

I go to a black school (I'm white). I wasn't ready for everyone to be so nice to me. I kinda thought I'd just walk around with my headphones in and stay out of the way. But people just say "hi" to me as I walk by them and ask how I'm doing.

There must be some unspoken rule among African Americans about holding doors open for people. Even if the person behind you is still 10 feet from the door. They just stand and wait for you. It's weird, but nice.

I thought my classes would be harder. Right now it kind of just seems like high school, but bigger. I also didn't anticipate so much reading... I mean that was high school, I thought we'd actually do stuff.... no.

I don't live on campus so I don't have an automatic roommate "friend." But I thought it would be easier to make friends. Not that people aren't nice or talkative, I just don't see them any other time than in class so it's hard to connect with anyone. There is a girl in all three of my MWF classes, so there is promise there.

The campus is way smaller than I expected.

So, yeah. I am enjoying the fact that there is coffee everywhere and the pizza is amazing.

I'll get used to it. And hopefully make some friends.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am the most boring person I know

What is wrong with me? I can't come up with a single blog idea. I mean, my best idea was to write about how I have no ideas. What kind of idea is that? Does the word "idea" sound weird to you too now? Like who decided that those letters could outline such an abstract...... idea? Whoa.

Oh I know I'll make a list. Lists are good. Yay for lists.

I like lists.

This is what a yip looks like.
Now the word list sounds weird.

The other day I invented a letter. It's called a "yip," it's the baby of a y and a p. The only time I've ever used it is in writing the word "hypothesis," but it did save me like .00000023 of a second. Definitely worth it.

It is a lot harder to draw a yip in paint than with a pencil.

This keyboard is hard to type on because it is way wider than my school laptop keyboard and it requires a lot more finger stretching.

I have two warts on my right pinky (they aren't gross or anything) that won't go away.

Compound W is useless.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was really good. I actually liked all the lens flare.

Graduation is in 6 days (oh my goodness).

I make friends with the spiders in my room and bathroom rather than end their life prematurely. I figure they have a lifespan of like 2 weeks anyway so why not let 'em live? Plus they catch other bugs.

I can't wait to get my laptop for college. Our desktop is the slowest thing on the planet and the keyboard is too wide.

See, I'm boring. I'm boring myself. Bye.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It' Been Awhile

For a second there I might have almost forgotten I have a blog..... I have been ridiculously busy, like it's not even funny busy. I work a lot, and when I'm not at work I'm doing homework or studying, or giving my meaningless opinion on graduation party decorations and particulars. BUTT (<-- accident, going with it), yesterday was my last [important] exam and I am now free as a bird, or at least I like to think so.

Let me just tell you about my life... catch you up on the last like... how long has it been.... a year?

I passed my CNA test. I am officially a nurse's assistant. You are jealous. 

I got a full scholarship to College (my mother might have been more excited than I was).

Graduation is in 25 days. I'm not counting or anything.

My family is taking a vacation to Greece over the summer, which is highly exciting since I got to pick where we go..... that's in 59 days.

That's kind of it. My life has been intensely boring lately because school and work have kind of been my life. I should be back to interesting in no time.

Friday, January 4, 2013

A few revelations...

I'm pretty much a superstar athlete.

I should have been a dancer.

I really, REALLY cannot sing.

Coffee does, in fact, have adverse effects on sleeping habits.

My acrocyanosis (sweaty hands that occasionally turn fun, yet concerning, colors like red and blue) is what it is and I need not be embarrassed about it. (However, I don't see this one making any progress because I am a teenager with the desire to conform).

I'm smarter than I think I am.

Working in retail sucks. (And provides good blog material). 

Salt makes my feet feel weird.

Mexican food is only good in moderation.

Buying gas makes me poor(er).

Frozen yogurt might be the best thing on earth.

I am in fact a senior in high school and I can't do anything about it.

Shakespeare is actually entertaining.

Mary Shelly is not.

Eating breakfast is important.

My cooking skills are amazing.

Probably only like 3 of my followers actually read this thing.

I wouldn't be a very good teacher.
Old people aren't that bad.