Monday, February 27, 2012

That Idiot...

that rides down the road in the standing water when there is plenty of lane without water. (NO PROB I LOVE RUNNING MY WINDSHIELD WIPERS.)

that passes a school bus when it is stopped and blinking RED. (RED MEANS DEATH EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. )

that lies to you and tells you there is a Ke$ha song in the Hunger Games sound track. (YOU JUST CRUSHED MY LIFE.)

that a gets lower grade on a test than you but assumes you got lower and flaunts it in YOUR face anyway. (HI, YOU'RE VERY STUPID.)

that shuts their dress in their car door (WATCH ME WHILE I LAUGH AT YOU.)

that wears shorts and then complains about their cold legs. (HI IT'S WINTER TIME.)

that doesn't take showers often enough. (EW.)

that skateboards in the middle of the road. (WHEN YOU GET HIT BY A BUS I WILL LAUGH.)

that posts all their relationship crap/trauma on the interwebs. (I WANT TO DELETE YOUR FACE.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

All I Do is Pin Pin Pin

So a couple of months ago I became addicted to this website called Pinterest. You probably have heard of it. At first I was just restricted to looking, because you have to be invited in order to actually pin things. So I remained an observer for about 2 months. Stopping in occasionally to see what new things would appear.

About a week ago I received an invitation from my sister (Raz Darnell).

That is when my life ended. All I think about now is what I should pin next, what board it should go on, and what clever caption I should drop underneath. I can't stop, even right now I thinking about a way to pin a link to my blog. I am hopeless. I literally can spend hours on that website completely enthralled. It is a vicious cycle really. I get tired of pinning things so I go and look at other people's pins. While I am doing this I am repinning things I like. Then once I have repinned a ton of stuff I feel guilty like I am only stealing other people's ideas and I feel the need to go find my own pins. And now you can see where the cycle starts over.

( I am also into hyper-linking... in case you can't tell)