Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to be Awesome

This a list I have created with succesful tips on how to be a truly awesome person. Now we are not going by a dictionary definition of awesome, we are going by my definition (which is basically anything I personally think is awesome... so yeah).

Step 1: Have a rockin' knee high sock collection. And don't just collect them, wear them, wear them proudly and loudly. Make sure most of them are adorned with neon colors so bright they faintly glow while the sun is going down. Make sure you have at least 3 pairs of animal print in at least 2 different kinds of animal. And don't EVER wear them with sandals.

Step 2: Have an awesome lunch box. For those of you still in school this is a key ingredient of awesomeness. Mine is shaped like an elephant, my favorite animal. It's not a requirement that your lunch box be an animal, superheroes and fun patterns are acceptable just be sure it doesn't have an attachable water bottle, thats lame.

Step 3: Watch Phineas and Ferb, iCarly, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King regularly. These shows rock. Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon EVER made, it has humor waaay above that of it's projected audience. And they just came out with a movie, it was EPIC. iCarly is also hilarious, when I watch it by myself I find myself laughing out loud and feeling like a dork, but thats just how you know it is genuinely funny and it isn't just the laugh track commanding you to laugh. The Nine Lives of Chloe King is too intense for you NOT to watch it, ABC Family Tuesdays after PLL.

Step 4: Have funny t-shirts. Comical dinosuars and t.v. show shout outs are required. Do not be fooled by the rock, paper, and scissors that have come to life, those were so last year.

Step 5: Have at least 2 pairs of high top sneakers. One in a pattern, otherwise all versions are acceptable.

Step 6: Don't be afraid. Don't be a weenie, and most certainly do not complain. Ride roller coasters that go straight up and down, eat octopus, and don't back out of anything that could potentially be awesome.

Step 7: Never have a favorite. Don't favor anything like movies, food, or books. There are too many awesome choices to pick just one, like them all and when people ask you what your favorite is kick them.

Step 8: Be violent. (Don't actually be violent just threaten people with a serious look on your face so that they back away in belief).

Step 9: Use big words. Being awesome is also a part of being smart, dumb people make me cringe. Use your vocabulary to it's fullest extent and you will go far in life. It's more than that though, keep up to date on your math skills and when someone asks a math question answer quickly with a smug look, everyone will think you are a genius. And if someone questions you refer to the step above.

Step 10: Listen to good music. Good music is as follows: Ke$ha, Miike Snow, Ghostland Observatory, Katy Perry, Bowling for Soup (they sing the Phineas and Ferb theme song), Justin Bieber (ONLY NEVER SAY NEVER WITH JADEN SMITH, NOTHING MORE), Adele, B.o.B, Early Black Eyed Peas not that junk they produce now, and anything along these lines.

Now with these 10 simple rules you can succeed at being awesome, good luck!

Monday, August 8, 2011


The main event Machu Picchu. It was spectacular.

This is the Madre de Dios river surrounded by the amazon jungle (or 'selva' if you want to get technical) from the plane. 

The river up close. And a boat for your enjoyment. The exact same kind we rode to our lodge (a 3 hour ride :/).

This is the capital city, Lima. Claro is like At&t over there their buildboards are everywhere!

A capybara from the jungle!

Our lodge.

We went to a clay lick at sunrise where we were supposed to see a ton of mcaws (possibly the most beautiful birds in the world, I have an obession with them now) and other parrots and stuff but it was cloudy and that effects their sight so we just just saw them all fly around from a distance.

A gigantic kapok tree, they can get a mile high, this is just the base of it.
The city square in Cusco the old Inca capital. The name of the city was originally Cosco which means bellybutton, fitting since this was the center of their world.

Beautiful flowers in the city square.

Saqsawaman (pronounced sexy woman) an old temple those rock are gigantic and held together without mortar, just an interlocking system, like giant complex legos.

A parade we happened upon.

Ruins from somewhere, I don't remember.

A fountain in Lima.

Tile wall in Lima.

City square in Lima.

Cathedral in Lima.

Flowers in Miami, we had a day layover.

Miami flowers.

Miami plants.

I hope that this was interesting to you. I realize now that most of the pictures were of the jungle but that was probably my favorite part.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Mind

This is a book I am required to read for summer reading. Which sadly I just started yesterday. It is pretty good so far, but the dialog takes a long time to get used to. I can't really understand what is going on but I'm powering through it.

I haven't picked up clarinet all summer long and I am supposed to have my music (3 whole songs) memorized by the start of next week for marching band... Yikes.

The Avengers... OMG! This is actually going to be a movie! I am ssoooo excited! I just went to see captain america last night and the trailer for this played at the very end... This is sure to be epic! Captain America was really good by the way.

School starts in 2 weeks and I am super excited to start my junior year! If only my report card could look like this all year long. That would be a dream. Mainly the only thing exciting about school starting are school supplies... I LOVE school supplies, who knows why. I really should have put this picture instead...

you can't sit there and say thats not exciting!

I recently got my license and this is the beauty of a boat I have been blessed with of driving, a 1996 green Buik La Sabre. I get to drive myself to school this coming year, which no doubt is exciting except for the fact I have to drop my brother off at middle school first. 5:30 every morning here I come.