Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Things I Should be Doing Other Than This.

Writing an AP English paper.

Cleaning my room.

Reading summer reading books I never even bothered to open.

Spanish homework.

Preparing to make dinner.

Writing the next 2 Charger Challenge prompts... (required for graduation). Meh.

Wearing pants.               (jk I'm wearing pants). (maybe).

Cleaning out my cat's litter box.  <--- that won't happen for at least a week more.


Researching rhetorical analysis.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Confession

So, I do have a confession to make... to the 13 (5 of them being the same person) followers who I know care deeply about the inner workings of my mind and my conscious.

I played Minecraft... and I am kind of addicted, have been for quite some time now. Once you get over the vintage graphics and ridiculousness of the game itself you're trapped, sucked into a new dimension in which life is yours to make. It's like sweet dream you just can't get out of.

I felt like I needed to tell this to you because I dissed it in an earlier post. Which I know you remember, have memorized even.

Well, yeah. Now you know. Laugh away.