Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I Find Funny

People that drive down the road with their blinkers on and no intention to turn anywhere any time soon.

That BP sponsors team USA.

Birds that fly into one another.

McDonald's thinks it can make coffee.

The saying "use your noggin."

People that laugh in tense, awkward, sad, or important situations.

The movie Fired Up.

Google + thinks it can outdo facebook.

That outdo is one word.

The sound of a basoon.

Playing "dodge the frog" while driving on a warm, wet night.

People that make their tires squeal because they thinks it's cool.

People that use the wrong their, they're, or there (also applies to the inncorrect usage of you're & your as well).

Dogs that chase cars down the road when a car is coming straight at them in the other lane.

Accidental rhyming.

When a guy is crying at a movie and I'm not.

The letter P.

Abbreviations like "totes", "adorbs", "presh", "offish", "legit", "preesh", and "def".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Beating Around the Bush is Pointless

First of all, I don't get that saying... beating around the bush. What are you beating? The physical perimeter of the bush, or the ground around the bush? Why are you beating the bush? What did it ever do to you? And then when you try to apply it to what it means.... is there something in the bush? Like are you beating around it so that whatever is inside will come out? <--- that's also pointless because if you were hiding in a bush and someone was outside beating around, would you come out? No.

But yeah, anyway. "Beating around the bush" is pointless. I don't do it. I figure if you want to tell someone something say it straight. Also, I go to school with a lot of very stupid people (not those of you who read this blog... well, maybe some of you :P) and they don't understand it when you try to "beat around the bush", you have to frankly lay it on them or they will be confused forever.

Beating around the bush is a weird saying and completely pointless for breaking news to someone.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Run on No Sleep At All

Coffee is essential.
Make sure you eat a good breakfast, blah blah blah. Just as long as you drink coffee with it.
Don't take too long in the shower, you might fall asleep (hot water does that to people, and it makes them pee but that's besides the point) and your coffee will be cold.

At lunch eat something with protein in it, go to lunch with friends, they can make sure you don't fall asleep.
Also at lunch, drink something with caffeine in it.... like coffee or coke or something, but coffee is your best bet

Don't eat dinner, the starving hunger in your stomach will keep you awake.
Make sure you put your  coffee maker on delay so you have something to look forward to. 
What ever you do, don't watch TV or listen to music that is sure to make you fall asleep. Try just standing on your head and drinking coffee

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OMG its Cold Everybody Freak Out.

It finally got cold this weekend and the world almost died. People are walking around in sweaters and boots, it's only like 65 degrees! Sure I welcomed the opportunity to wear some jeans and a jacket but did I break out my parka? NO.

A couple of my friends organized this corn maze thing. I didn't go... It isn't technically fall yet, that is completely inappropriate. A bunch of people have pumpkins and junk on their porches. It's the fourth day of October guys... chill it. Now, I don't celebrate Halloween, but if I did I would put my decoration out the day of and take them down the morning after. One of my biggest pet peeves are those people that just leave their Halloween decorations up until it is time to switch them with the Christmas ones... nubs.

But yeah so it's cold and everybody is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I wonder what they're gonna do when it's 40 degrees or 30 degrees. Should be fun to watch.