Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Airplane Shopping

I just went on a trip to Perรบ. But no I am not going to blog about how amazing it was. Sorry. I'll post pics later. I would like you to know what I think of the in-flight magazine Sky Mall. Of course you have your standard shower seats, inner tubes, and blow up projector screens. But there is always just the strange and useless stuff too. For example a Bigfoot statue that apears to be creepin' through your yard, he has a surprised look and everything. An  indoor dog bathroom, you know in case you don't have an outside where you live... What? Stainless steel wallets. A dog crate that looks like an end table, so you hide the fact that you had caged your animal. Voice activated, life size R2-D2. He responds to voice commands! The 14 gallon PORTABLE gas pump. The Superior Comfort Bed Lounger. A chair for your bed. Seriously that thing is so complicated just sit in a chair. A 40 inch foldable photo studio. I'm boring you now. Moving on!

Then there are the things that are so ridiculous you NEED them. A magic wand remote control, you flick it up and down and the channels change, left to right for volume. LEGIT. A pen that has a hidden video camera, how to be a secret agent. ALSO LEGIT. A self cleaning litter box. Being that this is my chore that was especially appealing. OH but don't stop there there was a cat potty training kit. The Litter Kwitter. Seriously you can teach your cat to use toilets. LEGIT. The ergonomic beach lounger. You can lay on your stomach and still read a book! There is a face hole! How can you not pay $169.95 for that thing? A face hole! For all you golfers out there, the weed wacking driver. You know in case you are on the course and the lawn crew missed a spot. LEGIT.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Good Life

Ahhhhh, being out of school. It's always the best time of the year. Although my relaxation is going to be about a week long this summer. This saturday is my sister's graduation party, such fun. However, my Mom will be stressed and when Mom is stressed everybody on the planet is stressed. On wednesday next week I get on a plane headed for Peru. The weekend after we get back I break for the beach, July 4th. The very next weekend I jump to New York City with my Aunt and Uncle (love them!). Right now I am supposed to be cleaning my room because my cousins are coming to stay at our house for my sisters grad party. But, look how productive I am being. Oh well, this is about as much you can get out of a rising junior. Live it up.