Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why I Worry About Myself

Sometimes I do really weird things that make me worried about myself. Like here are a few things that happened recently...

I had a dream that I went for a run.... and that wasn't the worst part, there were severed heads all over the place. I just ran around them and stuff.

Walking into the grocery store the other day, an elderly lady popped her trunk with her fab from across the parking lot and I was standing close to her car and I thought... "What if I just hopped in her trunk and shut it..." who thinks things like that?

The other day I uttered the words "You is ashy."

I have absolutely no body temperature regulation. I sweat with a jacket on and freeze with it off. Like get it together hypothalamus.

I refer to explicit parts of my brain.

I have been craving vegetables.

I still don't really have any friends at school, like I have people I sort of talk to in class but I don't have any FRIEND friends.

I drank a mocha two days in a row... that probably means bad things right? I don't know.

I am always tired.

I kinda of eat pizza like everyday at school. That might contribute to the vegetable cravings.