Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am the most boring person I know

What is wrong with me? I can't come up with a single blog idea. I mean, my best idea was to write about how I have no ideas. What kind of idea is that? Does the word "idea" sound weird to you too now? Like who decided that those letters could outline such an abstract...... idea? Whoa.

Oh I know I'll make a list. Lists are good. Yay for lists.

I like lists.

This is what a yip looks like.
Now the word list sounds weird.

The other day I invented a letter. It's called a "yip," it's the baby of a y and a p. The only time I've ever used it is in writing the word "hypothesis," but it did save me like .00000023 of a second. Definitely worth it.

It is a lot harder to draw a yip in paint than with a pencil.

This keyboard is hard to type on because it is way wider than my school laptop keyboard and it requires a lot more finger stretching.

I have two warts on my right pinky (they aren't gross or anything) that won't go away.

Compound W is useless.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was really good. I actually liked all the lens flare.

Graduation is in 6 days (oh my goodness).

I make friends with the spiders in my room and bathroom rather than end their life prematurely. I figure they have a lifespan of like 2 weeks anyway so why not let 'em live? Plus they catch other bugs.

I can't wait to get my laptop for college. Our desktop is the slowest thing on the planet and the keyboard is too wide.

See, I'm boring. I'm boring myself. Bye.

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