Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Relief

Almost literally.... let me explain.

This past weekend I sent in all my college applications. Talk about a weight off my shoulders. I am SO glad that they are all finally done and sent. They have been hanging over me for months and now that they are all done it is nice to know that there is nothing more I can do. It all rests in the admission officers hand's. The hands that better warmly welcome me to everywhere I applied.......... I don't take rejection well. Actually,  not being accepted I guess is okay with me, I have a lot of options that are all pretty feasible and some options that are bit of a stretch.

But the sweet part is I promised myself I would make a cake just for me to eat once all my applications were in. I haven't done it yet... but it will happen.... eventually...

I know you care about this, that's why I blogged about it... der.

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